The Walmart Cashier

they say the neck is the most hormonal part of the body
and that’s where she got me:
between the head and the heart
that place
where my silence was safe
but she stole that from me
she closed up that hole
i couldn’t breathe
i had to speak
had to say something to her
to set myself free
how could she be working at Walmart?
a cashier, no less
when she could be a model
and i’m thinking this
waiting in line
then it’s my turn
i approach her register
i start to check her out
i mean
she starts to check me out
i mean
she starts to scan my things
and i start to choke:
my heart in my throat
then she says it
i swear to god
she says these exact words
she asks:
“any bags for yourself?”
and i look at her:
any bags for myself?
for myself?
are they
going to be for?
you know
she could’ve said:
“any bags, sir?
“wanna bag me up, baby?”
but, no no no
she went with:
“any bags for yourself?”
and i
i backed away
a little broken
i didn’t pay
i had nothing to say
i just simply
walked away