i stared for far too long
and now the day is stale
i’m not sure what i mean..
but the picture lingers
encroaching on my dreams
the sooner that i stop
the sooner i’ll forget
i’m just a little lost
my thoughts replete with flesh
instead of jerking off
i think i’ll write instead


am i even?
i mean,
no one will read this.
i’m leaving.
delete me.
i’m bleeding electric–
is there anything left except empty connections?
am i being pretentious? do i have your attention?
don’t answer, it’s useless.
i’m nothing but bruises.
i’m caught up–a loose tooth:
i’m about to get lost:
a loose leaf:
i can’t help but leave you.
i love you.
i lose you.
it’s something
i’m used to.
so go ahead:
just leave me alone.
i never read poetry
unless it’s my own.

The Walmart Cashier

they say the neck is the most hormonal part of the body
and that’s where she got me:
between the head and the heart
that place
where my silence was safe
but she stole that from me
she closed up that hole
i couldn’t breathe
i had to speak
had to say something to her
to set myself free
how could she be working at Walmart?
a cashier, no less
when she could be a model
and i’m thinking this
waiting in line
then it’s my turn
i approach her register
i start to check her out
i mean
she starts to check me out
i mean
she starts to scan my things
and i start to choke:
my heart in my throat
then she says it
i swear to god
she says these exact words
she asks:
“any bags for yourself?”
and i look at her:
any bags for myself?
for myself?
are they
going to be for?
you know
she could’ve said:
“any bags, sir?
“wanna bag me up, baby?”
but, no no no
she went with:
“any bags for yourself?”
and i
i backed away
a little broken
i didn’t pay
i had nothing to say
i just simply
walked away

Easy Target

maybe you’re a five
slightly overweight
lush with glossy hair
permanently straight
acne-ridden skin
though it’s hard to say
masked by all the makeup
you use to compensate
for everything you lack
for everything you hate
although because of that
it’s easier to say
“hi, my name is Jack.
tell me, what’s your name?”