Locked In

i pick at my nails
i stare down at my hands
i’d ask, but i can’t
i’m crashing
like waves made of plastic
a traffic collision
i wish something would happen
sit down and i’ll listen
there’s nothing but static
it’s not that i miss her
i’d take off this mask
i’ve no other plans
i think someone is passing
i’d look up, but i can’t
i pick at my nails
i stare down at my hands


you left the sheets savaged
a sign that you were here
it sharpens your absence
and leaves my rest ravaged

i asked for this silence
whose depths hold me captive
by cold ripples of light
that glide through the passage

nothing seems important
not this spirit-drenched space
it’s like a pointless talent
a fall without the faith

thinning thoughts run rampant
to never let it go
the sheets are left savaged
all faith held in their folds

now amidst the damaged
this shiver doesn’t show
to leave my will ravaged
to slowly close my throat